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  1. If I did one small line of cocaine. And I have never done it before is it possible that I can pass a drug test in 36 hours? It is a urine sample. Is there anyway to speed up the process of getting it out of my system? I have a very high metabolism if that even helps
  2. I think it stays in your system for 1-3 days, so i dont know. I would think you would be fine if you only did a small line. Maybe if you drank alot of water, youd be fine.
  3. It's a maybe thing, but probably not, 36 hours is on the low end for cocaine leaving your system.
  4. drink some water youll pass.
    Drug tests never even find THC in my system and I never take the time to detox.

  5. jdahms's probably getting mouth swabbed lmao
  6. just wait 36 hours, take your test, then proceed to do or not do as much cocaine as you like ;)

  7. I smoked 3 days before my MEPS physical when I was enlisting and passed thier lab test.:confused_2:

    Maybe im super human.:cool:

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