For being the chill out zone....

Discussion in 'General' started by Pookenheimer, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. you find an awfully lot nonconstructive criticism, stereotypical remarks, and just plain arrogance floating around here...

    where is the love?

  2. "The Love" is under constant threat of ruination by trolls and 15 year old little asshats. You must be like a warrior monk. Drive them off with great ferocity, only to return to good threads with only warmth and kindness to good posters.

  3. this ^^^^^^^ there are alot of threads that don't have a complete thought ...... not even well constructed rants ....
  4. There's been an influx of trolls in recent times.

    I too become greatly annoyed with them.

    15 year olds taking out their social angst on an internet forum, is all... mmm hmm, yep.

    EDIT: For instance, I received a permenant infraction on my record... now, I did do some name calling, only out of frustration caused by people looking to start trouble.
  5. Don't troll trolls or the mods will troll your profile with trollfractions.

    I have no idea what any of that means.
  6. [​IMG]

    I dunno why the mods haven't sprayed the whole site with this stuff yet.
  7. this love you speak of is in my vagina you must use a penis to get it tho

    but yeah I guess everyone got cold due to trolls starting shit on the forums

  8. We should hang out sometime.
  9. Sure, I have 10 minutes.

  10. Life just manages to squeeze it's way into everything doesn't it..
  11. Just because it's a marijauna based board doesn't mean it won't get it's fair share of idiots.
  12. I think the idiots keep things interesting, and it gives the mods something to do.

    Otherwise we wouldn't need those green named bastards running around with their hammers of ban. :smoking:
  13. [​IMG]
    Yo dawg, maby if u wuz harder liek me you could take it u no? wuts with peeps on dit site bein stra8 fags? I smoke dat dope ass dro chronic and listen to young jeezy so i don care wut u say. yall need ta stop hatin and bein bitches. smoke weed! $$
    gtg yo, my moms bitchin @ me for not going to high school today.

  14. Cool shirt bro.
  15. what kinda money is that

    its not american

    oh, and you are a total gangst-er
  16. It's old Canadian money.
  17. I believe she was talking to me!!! :laughing:
  18. I have no clue. It's a random pic from the google.

    Disclaimer: My previous post (the one with pic) was meant as satire of the ass hats that keep posting annoying pointless threads and unwarranted criticisms in other people's threads.
    Not sure how well that came across. Sorry.

  19. Oh dems fightin words fool.
  20. lol what?

    i was kidding ;)

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