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for being smoked up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CapnBobbo, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Part 1: Ok so i'm out of bud at the moment, which is fine, gonna pick up in a week or so. Anyways, a friend invited me over yesterday to smoke. We smoke a couple bowls (I even emptied my kief catcher from my grinder on one of them to try and contribute something- and it was a lot). Later he asks "hey can you throw me like $10 or so next time" (even though i already said i'd smoke him up when I picked up).
    Wait, what?
    Part 2- some background: this other person only smokes because I got him started smoking about a year ago (taught him most of what he knows). He buys from the dealer I introduced him to, I've always been generous with my bud with him (he's always really stingy in return tho), and I also clean his fucking pipes and his bong for him (<-- done this MANY times) using the iso and shit that I buy, and never ask anything in return 
    I have no intentions of paying him anything. I'll smoke him up when I can, but that's it. I just find it annoying that someone that I smoke with very often (and do a lot of things for) wants money for smoking me up when i'm dankrupt. He always claims he's Jewish so he likes money. When my friends are dry I always smoke them up and never ask for anything. Because that's stupid. If I have bud and a friend doesn't, that fine. Let's smoke. I'll share some bud, that's no big deal (obviously not all the time...but you get the idea). I like to think that in the long run, everything kind of evens out between who smokes who up and such. 
    Feels like i'm always mad generous and he's always mad selfish with his bud, and asking for that money kind of pushed me past the limit this time. Obviously I owe him for the smoke, but flat out asking for money from the person he smokes with most often? I would never ask him for money.
    Would you ask for money for smoking up a good stoner friend while he's dry? Doesn't sit right with me. What happened to doing things just for the sake of being nice?
    I hate when people are excessively stingy. Share the herb, share the love.

  2. Sounds like someone I know.. don't pay him shit and tell him how you feel like I understand you'll share but with the whole throwing down tell him you pay your share with smoking him out

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  3. Or before you smoke him out say "hey man if I smoke you out this time, can you get me whenever you got bud" good luck man

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  4. sounds like your friends a douche, i have never been asked or asked for money for smokin someone up.... thats the way friends should be.
  5. just tell him no, that youll simply return the favor. besides if you had $10 you could have just bought your own weed.
  6. That's how I roll. If you're a friend, i'll smoke you up. No problem. Just act like a friend in return
  7. That's fucked up that he even asked that
  8. #8 CapnBobbo, Mar 18, 2014
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    Glad im not the only one that thought that
  9. I've got a friend who I'm sure would do that if things were the other way around. He's super stingy, tries to pitch like half what everyone else does, never gets away with it without at least getting chirped a bit. Smokes joints into the filter. Nasty shit.
    Some people just don't get it.
  10. Just for perspective: he wants me to give him money for bud he got from MY dealer that im relatively certain he bought with money his parents gave him.
    Not really sure why I even hang with this guy
  11. For friends, we just smoke each other up. No payment because we know in the long run everything evens out.
    If someone who is not my friend asks asked me to smoke him out, I would ask if he could bring a 3L of soda ($1 at a nearby store) to the session or give me like $2 or $3.

    I ask them before they come over and nobody really seems to have a problem with that.

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