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For anyone who's up THC Pills ( very easy )

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by thebigbird!, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. i dont know why but i jus decided around 4am to make THC pills out of old antivirus pills, theyre not expired i just had to clean out the insides nicely, and they work!

    just grind your weed very finely, make sure its dry weed - - if its not dry freeze it for an hour or 2 - - then add just enough oil to soak the weed you dont want to see any liquid by itself - - put that in the oven for 20 minutes starting at 300f and alternate down to 250f when you see it start to bubble, then turn it up again etc,( this will make you stay near your oven as well so you dont fuck off and fuck up ) - - take it out switch up to a nice bowl - - mash it in to a muddy paste and stuff your capsules or you can just put it on any of your favourite foods, i made a nuella firecracker(without puting it in the oven again) with the extras and ate one and im flyyying
    thats it! its easy!, just make sure you dont put HOT paste in to the capsule n melt it ( btw just look for VITAMIN or OMEGA 3 capsules, no liquid capsules, and empty them out)
  2. It's easy to find empty capsules for sale. People use them to package herbs and the like for medicinial consumption. They can be ordered online or bought at many pharmacies, are perfectly legal, and don't raise any 'flags' with LEOs.
  3. how much weed did you end up griding up to put into the pills? maybe ill buy like an eighth of mid grade and see where that gets me.
  4. Definitely worth a try.
  5. I'm going to do this for sure this week, I just got 20 empty capsules.
  6. I've been reading from a few sources on how to do this and have some questions.

    I read a crockpot works, skillets work, microwaves work, are all these true?

    With an eighth of mids and coconut oil how many capsules could I fill?

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