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For anyone living in Oregon.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JustChill84, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. How is their system there? Is it anything like Cali getting cards easily for minor problems like insomnia? Also how are the cops there about it? If you don't have a card that is. Also say anything else important about marijuana with Oregon. Thanks for any help I'm planning to move there in 3-4 years. :hello:
  2. i will be moving up in just a week and i am going to be looking into the system because i get migraines that so far i have only been able to cure using MMJ. so any information would help and I'll share anything i learn in the next couple weeks. just wondering what area of Oregon?
  3. Probably around the Portland area, not in the direct city though.
  4. its all good, just move to a town with a clinc
  5. Go Ducks!
  6. im guessing its fairly easy, i read that there are advertisements almost everywhere for dr.s that give out the cards
  7. Here is the truth.

    To get a card in Oregon you need to have one of the qualifying conditions such as chronic pain, aids, spasms etc. Bring your medical records and go to a clinic such as THCF, Mama's, etc.

    There are no clinics or dispensaries in Oregon. You have to grow for yourself or find a grower. Go to the Oregon MMJ web site (google search for OMMP). Read the laws and the list of condidtions. It is illegal to sell MJ but it can be given away.:wave:

  8. That is california
  9. i just moved here and have not found any sticky! help!

  10. they have clinics in oregon.....cannibus clubs, dispensaries whatever you call them...oregon has them..just in the bigger citys

    I know of one in coosbay
  11. pretty much decriminalized here in Portland.

  12. so hows the black tar?


  13. LMAO

    black tar is a huge problem in portland. But ya Oregon has the most liberal of all Medical marijuana laws. You can veg. 18 and have 6 in flower. This year i guess portland got flooded with Medi marijuana appts. Like over 25,000 i guess? took me months just to get a letter back from them for my renual. Still havent gotten my card cause they are so fucking backed up. I have lived in Oregon all my life and i will probably never move away. Fuck the east coast. West coast for life. Oregon was also the first state to DECRIMINALIZE Marijuana. As the locals like to say. ORegon is greener than you think.:smoke::smoke:

  14. I am seriously consering moving to either California or Oregon. I'm "overqualified" (heh) as far as the listed conditions go.

    There's a very good pdf with exact laws, exact amounts , exact procedures. I think I grabbed it from the MAPS site, but it is, along with several others, currently residing a directory on fast, colo'd http: - I've been putting up some items of interest. There's a few books on growing, A DVD created by Jorge Cervantes on growing, and whatever else i can fit.

    If anything is a .rar , the password is grasscity

    Some of the goodies you'll find:

    State.By.State.American.Medical.Marijuana.Laws-2006_SBS_REPORT.PDF <---
    The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis.pdf
    Cannabis - History, Strainbase, Growguide-Excel Spreadsheet.xls
    McCormick, Todd - How to Grow Medicinal Marijuana.pdf

    Legalize it:
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