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for all you stoners out there who got caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by twilighter, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. well im on probation at the moment, and ive failed a few UAs. .. every UA ive actually taken to be exact.. all except for the time that someone peed in a cup for me.

    I have a meeting tomorrow at the library with my tracker. If she gives me a UA i have prepared to have someone pee for me.

    The only problem is i'm concerned about the whole "temperature" thing. Last time was during the school year.. so i had someone meet me in the bathroom in between classes right before she came. It worked then.. I just had a K mart pill bottle and i snuck it in there and took the lid off poured it in the cup and passed.

    However since ill have to have someone meet me somewhere around 12:45 ish .. that'll give like 15-20 minutes.. If its inbetween my legs for 20 minutes it shouldnt lose temperature should it? not significant enough to fail anyway right

    also if u have a better way of doing this then please go ahead. she never watched me pee before..
  2. Should be good
  3. There is probably some indecency law against a woman watching a boy do something,

    Anyway. I don't know WHY! you would take the chance of going to jail AFTER you have already gotten caught and you are on probation. After that's up it's not on your record. Weed is not worth it like that unless you are in chronic need for medical relief.

    I'm done for 6 months. I got caught and I got 6 months probation and 120hrs community service.
  4. Detox at GM
  5. well the test is tomorrow!! in 11 hours to be exact..

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