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  1. So I have been pimpin for about a year now I got 2 girls workin for me. Yesterday some punk ass stiffed one of my girls. So what should I do if this shit ever happens again?
  2. Hahahahaha.

    I honestly burst out laughing.

    That is all.
  3. Its not my hoes fault.
  4. stab her in her twat jk

    cash upfront?

    no checks or credit lol
  5. keep them hoes in check dog:p
  6. It is too her fault.....It's her job to get the money, and she didn't.

    And do you think Wayne Brady cares who's fault it was.
  7. maybe she got paid but is lying to you
  8. lol how did it happen? you must not be a good pimp cause you always show your girls to get money first.
  9. You better step yo ass back into pimp school buddy. You're doing something wrong man.
  10. You better do something about it, your girls gunna see you're not about your buisness and soon you will be gettin less money cause they will be pocketing some of it..
  11. You're probably a punk and your girls are stiffing you. In reality you will never do shit and chances are you're lying about this whole scenario. Lying to sound cool on the internet is seriously pathetic.
  12. 2 girls man? step up your game
  13. You'd be surprised how much that'll bring in
  14. Slap a hoe then hang the motherfucker by his toes.
  15. Can someone explain to me how the profit of pimpin works?
    Buy a hoe, And rent her out??????
  16. haha yeah seriously.

    And how do you convince one to work for you?
    I mean can she make her own money and not pay you?
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    You convince hoes with game and muscle.

    Slap a bitch get her to sell her ass then reap the profit..

    .Just kidding i dunno how they convince them to sell boody but they do.

    The OP is a weak pimp though who the fuck would ask a pot head for pimpin' advice. You girl need to baby powder your bitch ass

    [ame=""]YouTube - lil wayne workin em[/ame]
  18. lmao at a "pimp" asking for advice on a internet forum....

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