For all the blunt smokers in here...

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What kind of cigar do u use to roll your blunts with?

  1. Phillies

    0 vote(s)
  2. Dutches

    11 vote(s)
  3. Optimos

    0 vote(s)
  4. *

    Garcia Vegas

    3 vote(s)
  5. Swisher Sweets

    6 vote(s)
  6. Black N Milds

    0 vote(s)
  7. Blunt Wraps

    5 vote(s)
  8. Other

    7 vote(s)
  1. What kind of cigars do u use to roll your blunts with?

    I, for one, HATE Phillies. they taste like shit to me and burn way too fast. I prefer vanilla dutches, swisher sweets, and optimos. Optimos burn for a VERY long time and dont ruin the taste of the weed. I heard Garcia Vegas are the best buti have yet to use one. I've also never used blunt wraps but I heard there good as well
  2. I don't think theres anything better than rollin up a big asss Garcia Vega..Makes me want one now....

  3. i need to hurry up and find one of these to smoke. I've heard TOO many good things about it. i heard that its real hard to roll and takes a long time because the inner leaf is so fragile. that true?
  4. I never heard of Garcia's but I would love to try. I prefer Optimos for the simple fact that they burn the slowest and give the cleanest hit of all the others mentioned(that I know of). Phillies are what I learned to roll with but once I was introduced to Optimos, it was a love at first toke. Puff, Puff, Pass.
  5. A buddy of mine from work turned me on to a "chocolate " Swisher Sweet. Boy was that pretty tasty
  6. Yah... i depending on where you are located, there are different BLunt cigars offered. But Phillies are located globaly, chocholate phillies, strawberry phillies... mmmmm...

    Bluntwraps as well... just about everywhere now a days. Blunts are are my passion. Its all i smoke, its all i roll.

  7. I love smoking favorite wraps are the Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tubes....i guess i like them a lot cause i'm a girlie and they are all flavored. my favorite flavor is blueberry, then the strawberry. I also enjoy garcia vegas...and on occassion a strawberry philly. I just learned how to roll a perfect blunt, so now i'm on a blunt craze woo! :hello:
  8. Not a blunt smoker here, but I have a question. Has anyone tried a premium cigar to roll with? You know, the ones that are kept in a humidor room in the back of tobacco shops. Seems like they'd be easier to roll with, because they're kept moister. Probably burn slower too.

    I guess it would be expensive though, since the cigars I used to smoke averaged about $5.00 a piece. But for a special occasion, they might be nice.
  9. i HATE Royal Blunts in the EZ tubes.. well they are okay... and very armomatic when you open the (pretty for the girlies) pack... but when they burn they taste like nothing... but they burn with beuty.. BluntWrap has way better aroma while burning and even a hint on your lips...

    And concerning Blix's idea about using premium cigars... DONT... ahah...phillies and cheap ass cigars are meant for blunts and nothing else.. who in the right mind smokes a philly cigar? and the nice cigars are usually real real tree leaves... and they dont split nicely... some fall into 3492793482 separate leaves... while cigars like phillies are all in one piece ready for you to crack and roll up and get HIGH.

    RainyDayBud: I can roll a perfect blunt under myshirt on the bus.I think we ought to compare some pix! ahhah... any girl who can roll a blunt turns me on for a lifetime.

  10. Swisher Sweets and the o-so-famous "Snoop Dogg Blunt Wraps".....had the blunt taste on my lips for hours.

  11. never had the snoop dogg ones
  12. i love the wraps, and oh yea black and milds taste like shit
  13. oh yeah, and how much weed do you all usually put in your blunts?
  14. swisher sweets are my favs. slow burning, good size, and great taste. i think it is the best blunt for those reasons. me and my friends dont conserve our weed a lot, when we smoke (normally about once a week) we go all out and roll the largest blunts we can, which is normally around an eight(give or take a gram) of some mids. we buy a half a week normally so we get anywhere from 4-6 blunts for a weekend depending on how fat we want to roll them, and how fast we want them to burn.

  15. tried that once. the problem with those cigars is they dont really have an outer skin like a philly' it just breaks apart when you try to roll it. it's shit.
  16. Can you imagine that there could be some scientist whose sole purpose is to grow a plant whose leaves would burn as slow as we would want based on the nutrients that are fed to the plant..
    Please thank this man....
  17. FUCK BLUNTS!!!

    smoke with a bong!
  18. *KB fully cooperates with namron at the moment!
  19. Dutchmasters are by far the best blunts, easy to split (just keep 'em in the freezer until you need them) and ususally roll and stick nicely. I have had one cigar i liked the taste of more though. It is called an English Corona and comes in a brown plastic tube. Tastes like coffee cream and NUGGETS!

  20. yo, KB_124 you shoulda seen i was smoking in the batroom with some freinds (because it has an air vent) and the air vent is right above the toilet. because of the high cielings, you have to stand on the toilet to but the blunt right up to the vent. So, all of the sudden, i suddenley think "he who stands on the toilet is high on pot" and i just realized that it came from your quote, so now i wanna know, what is that from?

    oh, and i use phillies, of course. What kind of fool would choose a dutch over a phillie? dutches are NASTY

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