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    I was thinking that nature was everything, and only thought beauty comes from nature, that the cities were dumps, and everything in modern society was worthless.

    About 2 weeks ago, I was on my bed, closed my eyes, and allowed images to flow through my mind, there was an image of a woman, and she started uploading images of nature in harmony to my mind. And I felt bliss, but as soon I started thanking her, she filled my mind with images of nothing but cities, I hated her for that, and closed off my mind from receiving any more images.

    About 2 weeks later, I saw the same woman arrive in congress, everyone was clapping for her, and cheering for her. Last night, I was thinking about it, and thinking about the images that were shown. I finally agreed to see the beauty of modern society, and the city.

    I let go of my grudge, against humanity, and have accepted that what was said is true, "Nature is practically trashed, there is no returning to it. Modern humanity has taken over, and we must adapt to it, or live unfulfilled lives." Now giving in to this idea, is making me also give up some of my old beliefs, which were of the bible. And I am now willing to adapt, to modern life, and to see the beauty of it.

  2. No. There's beauty in a balance but if everything starts looking like a Blade Runner society please just give me a gun. (or even a Lady Gaga video)

    Modern luxuries are great but I don't even think I could live in the city.
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    Man is nature, therefore everything they do is natural. It only seems unnatural when comparing to our own beliefs/morals.
  4. I find it odd we consider ourselves to be separate from nature
  5. Cities do not spawn in nature.
  6. Where do people come from? How are you defining nature? Everything but humans? Why are animals a part of nature? Humans are different? Special?
  7. Yes they do....
  8. Isn't that the result of our feeling separate from nature?
  9. I think they do.





  10. exactly^^^^^

    i spend most of my time out in the forest....far from all the people...
    they are the biggest problem i have with the city...
    its not the buildings that bother is the people....

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