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FootBall Titans win!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. The Titans finally won the playoff with the Steelers. A good game to watch while stoned off your ass! I know I did it..

    Close game 34-31 in overtime. Great game..

    Any one else watch the game??

    I know RMJL did!!!!!!!lol
  2. i watched it...seemed like the steelers pretty much were robbed by the refs...i dont think the titans should have won the game at all. mcnair played great though

    anybody watch the eagles game? i know all us eagles fans in philly did...boy its great to have mcnabb back
  3. steelers shouldve at least called time out sooner at the end - waited too long. I feel sorry for Cowher-damn good coach. What a game.Tenn. has a solid team. How 'bout them Eagles tho. My wish: Jets-Eagles S.B. with Jets win.
  4. I really thought the Steelers should have won also, robbed indeed. Bill Cowher (Steelers Coach) seemed like he was going to murder someone after the game, running on the field like a bafoon.
  5. yeh...that game kinda pissed me off.
    Lucky I was high or I woulda done the same thing cower did in the middle of my street, im from pittsburgh so :/
  6. Hell yeah, Bud Head!!!!

    I had a bunch of people over and we were all going nuts. It was a stressful game to say the least but we WON!!!!!!

    I watched the Eagles game too! What a night!
  7. Looks like we have some opposition to the games end. i just want to let ya'll know, the same thing has happened to us before..

    i would like to see the Titans go to the superbowl.. Who knows it might happen!
  8. Yeah, people are questioning the win but you're so's happened to us, also.

    I want to see the Titans go, too. Hell, we made it this far, why not all the way?
  9. There was also a couple bad calls both ways last night. Ido believe in the end justice was done..

    When Eddie George got knocked out for a minute, he was still laying on the ball. They give it to the steelers anyway, because they grabbed it from him.

    Anyway Go Titans!!!!!!

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