Foot long Joint time!

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  1. Finally found a place that sells the element foot long papers!

    Here is the result. It admittedly took two of us to fully tuck the bitch. I roll king size L's a lot but this was a whole new ballgame. Getting a good consistency before the tuck took between 5 and 10 minutes alone. Burning it now with three friends while playing the new Zelda. Life is good. :smoke:

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  2. Nice roll man ! i got some of the elements 12" papers and they are a fucking bitch to tuck. Im liking the slight cone on it too, not too much that it looks silly, but enough to make it look rather sleek ;) nice man ! you have any idea how much bud you got in there ? i could easily get a full 5 or so grams when i rolled one
  3. awesome roll! how much did you put in it?
  4. no pics?
  5. I attached a pic of the finished product or did you mean pics of it burning or being rolled or something?

    I would say there's about an 8th give or take in there. There's tobacco in it too, about a quarter of it is tobacco.

    Still burning, it''s burned 40 minutes so far and hasn't gone out or been put out!
  6. damn thats sick! couldnt see the pics at first... but thats an amazing roll! haha and i thought my rolls were tight... hope youre enjoying that bro!
  7. element papers are win. nice joint!
  8. Digging the trailer park boys poster! And nice fucking joint lol
  9. "Why dont you lay off the 6 paper joints rick"

    Very nice roll, a shame that theres tobacco in it.
  10. that's legit man. nice roll.
  11. [quote name='"CollegeBlaze"']

    "Why dont you lay off the 6 paper joints rick"

    Very nice roll, a shame that theres tobacco in it.[/quote]

    Lmao!!!! And word Fuck tobacco
  12. damn.. sick J bro... good job
  13. Thanks everyone. I know some don't like the tobacco. Me and most of my friends just like to smoke spliffs I guess.

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