fooked up

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Chief Skii, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I ran out of weed so i drank a shit ton of nyquil, I feel great an im watching pokemon becuase its on tv, so tight. this is the first time ive done anything other then weed to get fucked up.
  2. yeah man, whenever im out of buds i take a trip to the medicine cabinet
  3. dude, most nyquil has a shitton of acetaminophen in it as well as doxylamine succinate............don't die.... or forreal ring up your hospital dude, no lie...getting drunk off the minute alcohol level and tripping face on dxm while violent throwing up is not worth it :\
  4. next time get robogels. just dxm
  5. I usually trip from the medicine cabinet....
  6. or next time use sudafed. ephedrine for a speedy high and triple c's lol i hear it's great

    JK don't do that triple c's can kill you
  7. does ephedrine really do that? can i make meth out of it? lol
  8. I have zero money to get robo to robo trip me an my buddy where going to jack some from the super america but he pussed out when i was destracting the cashier so this was all i had to get silly, dont worry i only had 10 tbsp which is just 1 over the reccomended daily use!
  9. dont die
  10. Are you sure you are 18+
  11. 5/13/90 yeah pretty sure haha, my job is seasonal an i dont got back to work for another week an ive already blown all my money on weed an this was all i had to get fucked up :(
  12. Couldnt you just wait one week? Stealing's immoral.

    Ah who cares, its beating a dead horse, do whatever you want kid lol.
  13. we have the same birthday aha :D:smoking:
  14. ephedrine does speed you up and mixed with triple c's in sudafed there is a very intense euphoria.... i think compared to coke? idk it's dangerous because of triple c's so if you do it even though i wouldn't recommend it, dose wisely

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