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  1. what up GC. I am doing some research on growing cuz i wanna grow in the near future. got a few questions.

    1)for a beginner, which would be easier to grow, hydroponic or soil?

    2)how do you add nutrients to your soil (do u mix it with water and por the water on or do u mix the nutrients straight into the soil with a stick or what?)

    3)when do plants actually start smelling like weed (bitchy neighbors might call the fuzz)?

    4) Why dont you just plant ur seeds into a 5 gallon pot intsead of a cup and not have to move them from container to container
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    1.) Soil.

    2.) you add it with the water when you water your plants ( most the time ).

    3.) 2-3 weeks usually.
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    1. soil
    2. mix with water most of the time
    3. during flowering is the biggest time..
    4. because its like sticking a baby in the army... compared to letting the person grow up and get training :p
  4. thanx purilite and cody. I liked that army baby analogy.:)

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