Food Poisoning is insane

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  1. Got food poisoning yesterday from eating an old soggy ham, lettuce, cheese sandwich. I was throwing up for 10 hours straight, and got virtually no sleep. And I shit my pants while throwing up several times, and threw up on my own dick several times. I was actually pretty fucking freaked out by the whole thing; I threw up chunks of lettuce, cheese, and ham all over myself several times. Haven't eaten since 11AM yesterday.

    Oh, and I got this food poisoning from the school cafeteria. Life sucks.
  2. yupp that happened to me last year i ate some food from my school and that night i woke up and puked my brains out, and then again every hour for the next day. shittiest thing thats happened to me for a while for sure.
  3. Damn exactly why I only consumed my own vegtables for school lunch.
  4. i had food poisoning once and it was the worst thing ever, i thought i was dying.

    i started hallucinating that plastic green army men were carrying the sickness over my body, it was bizzare.
  5. Dude yeah its insane. I've only gotten it twice but both times I was throwing up about every half hour. After a while there's nothing to throw up, so you just spit up stomach bile. And when that's gone, you eventually just start coughing and gagging into the toilet. One time it happened so much that I popped nearly every blood vessel in my face and it looked like I had bruises all over my face for a day or two.

    Shits fucking scary, fucking sucks.
  6. There is nothing more frightening than shitting and vomiting at the same time. I get so paranoid that my body's going to malfunction and I'm going to throw up feces.
  7. .....just ew.
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    OP on my 17th birthday i got food poisoning and threw up 11 times, don't complain lol.

    life sucks sometimes, we all gotta remember things will change eventually. i forget that myself sometimes

    EDIT: although on second thought, damn man, you puked on your dick HAHAHAHHA i'm sorry dude im so high and this is hilarious. im real sorry though it'll get better lol fuck though....
  9. Sue the school!
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  11. Ya man it is not too fun. My sympathies.
  12. Holy shit! The blood vessels!

    I used to be on a drug (prescribed :) ) that would make me throw up a few times a week. I would throw up bile, and then, as you said, start choking and busting blood vessels...

    One time, I popped so many blood vessels in my face that I was sent home from work!

  13. Same man. I thought I was dying yesterday, and I started having hallucinations, too.

    I'm feeling a bit better today, just have no appetite. >:
  14. lol just remember the BRAT diet for upset stomach - banana, rice cereal, apple sauce, toast
  15. How many times did you say?

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