Food for a lot of sex?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by nowandthen, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Been with this girl for a bit and we've recently started having a lot more sex. To the point my dick is feeling it the next day. If my dick is getting tired out, then I wanna up my game. I know rest is best, but I was wondering...

    What works for you as far as recharging goes? Are there any particular foods? Stretches or exercises? Routines?

    My guy thanks you
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  2. U got a juicer? Can just eat it.
  3. Nope just gonna eat it
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  4. Make sure to report back.. =)
  5. Will do! Seeing her tonight and I'm throwing her a surprise party tomorrow night to celebrate her birthday :) so this watermelon has potential to be put to some good use! Lmao[​IMG]
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  6. Lol how many times a day are you smashing? I was with some girl for a year and a half and she'd want sex 6-10 times a day and I wouldn't get warn out or get dick pain lol :smoke:
  7. I'm might be too high for this.
    But I think you are supposed to make sweet love to the melon...
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  8. Watermelon or normal melon?:lmafoe:
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  9. Take turns! Better for the "man"... lol
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  10. Lmao winner winner chicken dinner
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  11. You're a damn rabbit bro
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  12. Lmfao I was 18 at the time I'm now 24 most I can go is 5 times In a day now :thumbsdown:
  13. Wait ten years...
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  14. Does it go up or down lol?
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  15. I'm 26 myself. 2 days ago we went 4 times within a span of like 3 hours.. then a couple more times later that night. Yesterday we were at it a couple times and I was worn the fuck out.

    I woke up today and my dick was sore lmao. Gotten better since the day went on but damn.

    And it only goes down lol
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  16. Try lube dude do you mean your meat hurts as in friction burn? I used to get that going in raw lmao used lube and you never get friction burn:jump:
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  17. Idk man I got this fucking vessel throbbing on the side of my dick. It needs time to relax lol. Unless you think lube can help mitigate the need for that? I've only ever used lube with my ex cause she was dry a lot. my girl now though.. she's not dry until she's sexed out lmao. And we were both sexed out after yesterday. We fucked for so long, I was just not finishing. I was a little high but everything else was normal. And hot damn.

    So now my dick is sore. Cause legit it was like 2 hours with an hour break in between lmfao. She loves it. And I love it. But hot damn my dick is not Superman, despite the self-ascribed moniker I am so fond of.
  18. Oh side note.. every chick untily ex, I always used a condom the entire time. Unless they were on birth control. And even then we were careful. This girl.. likes it raw. And I put a condom on when I'm about to finish. After yesterday, she was begging me to finish.

    And I felt bad. I don't want someone to beg for me to stop what I'm doing.

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