Food Coloring!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by econmaster1, May 28, 2009.

  1. Will food coloring change the color of the plant if you water it?

    Do you think the smoke would be harsher when dried?
  2. No and if the plant is harvested and dried and cured properly it won't have a harsh smoke, which food coloring might give probally not though.
  3. Although I have never tried it, I do not see where it would make any difference in the color of the plant. the only reason I could see doing this would be for bag appeal, or to earmark your stuff to make it unique.

    As for taste and such, if the flowers are dried and cured properly, it should have nothing to do witht he flavor or bouquet of your finished product.

  4. :bolt: every week without fail someone asks this..

    now, wheres the guy asking if he can use a halogen bulb instead of hps...

    ... and then we gotta go help the guy who used miracle grow soil and whose plants are burning..
  5. lolz Slanesh

    did you know MG has a product out .. supposed to make your plants look and taste diffrent..its called "MG Necro" I guess it is in all the scotts lines.:p

    ok ok back on topic long story short .. a plants roots are not going to take up foodcoloring ...if you want colord plants buy a strain that is supposed to turn colors..then drop your temps in the last few weeks of flowering.

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