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Discussion in 'General' started by Just Ordinary, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Anyone else here just toke and just go sit and watch the food channel? Something about the fact that the food channel gives me the worst case of munchies/ I don't have any ingredients to usually make 'en drives me nuts.

    It's like picking at a scab... It hurts but you keep doing it
  2. Yea I watch it, but I don't really get the munchies from it. All the food obviously looks amazing though, would be nice to sample it. I honestly think it wouldn't be that hard to make it, its just I don't have the money to stock up my kitchen like that haha.

    I like Giada's show cause she's hot and even though Paula Dean has an annoying ass (and probably fake) accent, her food always looks the best because its super super unhealthy and loaded with the craziest shit ever haha.
  3. I do. And I love cooking shit I see and eating it while im baked. It's the best <3
  4. haha one day i decided to try my own shit and cooked this hot dog with jelly and mustard and ate it with chilli flakes... honestly don't get me wrong the shit was amazinggg. sichensa
  5. Same goes for me! :(

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