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  1. What font is this? I need to know so i can photoshop my friends name inthere in place of Golden
  2. Try google.

    I'm no font expert!, I kid, I kid:D

    But seriously, try google, your best bet.
  3. Font name is - Courier new 'in bold'
  4. thanks +rep
  5. not the same font. look at the g's
  6. its as close as i could get it lol
  7. that buffet is legit! i always go for the steak and shrimp.
  8. There is a reason Typography is a profession, hundreds of thousands of fonts are created daily, some bought by major design companies, if you have illustrator or photoshop with the good font packages most of them should be up there, I only have 3000 or so fonts but its not too shabby :D
  9. well if you can help me identify that font it wuld be mighty cool of you cuz i got a wrong one now
  10. Lubalin Graph Bold
  11. thank you bro!
  12. No problem, just remember you can always google your question. ;)

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