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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Brahski, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Any way you guys could make a change so we can have a font color stick, so it's that color whenever we post?

    Royksopp makes it look easy. :laughing:
  2. dude... you see the A with the black line under it? click it for the color options :laughing:

    it IS easy :p
  3. Hmm.. Don't I have to do that everytime I post though?

    I'm a lazy fuck. :D

    Not too concerned with this, but if it's an easy do it's be nice. :p

    Trying to get some matching done here.
  4. No he meant there someway we can make it permanent or something? Cuz I do it manually.
  5. i think you have to click it for everything
  6. that shit must become routine
  7. 11k times. :laughing:

    fo' real
  8. Oh ya, definitely used to it by now.
  9. I want greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
  10. I want mine to always be black. [​IMG]

  11. We can only dream...
  12. Gokceimam...this one is for you, my man! :D
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    Is there like an tech-admit bat signal we can use? :p

  14. dude... :hippie:
  15. dood?

    I'm a little :confused: and not even :smoking:
  16. well maybe i'm the one that's :smoking: and not even :confused:
  17. I think you are :confused: and probably :bongin: because when you speak I'm like :confused_2:
  18. i dunno i was all like :bongin: and then like :yummy: but then i saw a :cool: so i was like :bolt: then i came across a :love: so i was like :ey: then i :poke: and finally :hide: then i found my way here now im like :metal:

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