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Follow your nose!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Masco, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. I was driving home on the highway tonight from out of town and my window was busted out from where my car had just been stolen a few days ago so i was cold as shit and ready to be home when i got a little bit of a laugh. I got behind this car going slow as hell but as i pulled closer up to it, i could smell some DEEELICIOUS grass. I passed them and both the guys in there were damn near laying down in their seats with joints between their lips. I pulled right up beside them and sparked one myself. I thought, yum, that smells like a good idea. It makes a long trip so much easier
  2. hahaha did they see it ??
  3. man i love driving when im stoned......of course i live in a lil piss ant town and have plenty of im safe about it... the roads i go on have maybe a person on them every 10 about being able to tune out
  4. HIGH All, hey Masco that could've been us you cruised by. I'm sure I see you spark that puppy up.
  5. If it was you, we would have been the three happiest folks on I-40!
  6. I see that alot in my area.
  7. rarely a day goes by when i don't see someone tokin while driving by. lol, it's great.
  8. i never see people blazing. seems like me and my buddies are the only people that do it in public around here.

    i dont think ive ever seen a bunch of people just out blazin somehwere unless i was a part of it.

  9. Lol, I work at a carwash and every once in a while you will get a car inside the tunnel that just reeked of weed. All we could really do is smile when it happens :).. reminds me of a funny thing that just happened to me today at work. This big Yukon truck comes through and we're all busy so everyone was just kinda paying attention to their own job. Without looking up i smelt some chronic. I kinda waited for a minute, and smelt it again. Then i look over to my manager and he reminded me of a dog who just caught on to some smell or heard a distant noise. He perked right up and started sniffing the air with a real focused look.. Then he just looked at me as i was smiling, then just smiled himself.... :smoke:
  10. what cotton said
    i always smile at 'em...its all i can do to hold back the peace sign
    peace....hehe i just did it

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