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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Newtoke, May 20, 2010.

  1. The reason theres so many people who are agaisnt legalization of the herb are teachers. Im currently in a health class at my high school, I am a senior. I hear so much bullshit from my health teacher about weed I want to just destroy something.

    The problem is, I know that probably 20/30 of the kids in my class(mostly freshmen/sophomores) are eating all of this shit up and are being scared shitless of weed. My teacher says things like, It'll lead to a lack of friends, harder drugs, and greatly increases risk for heart attacks. I have no idea how it would lead to a lack of friends, and overall everything he teaches about cannabis is a lie or over exaggerated.

    The only thing I give him credit for is he did make it a point to tell the class that there are no recorded deaths caused by marijuana.

    The point of this thread is that I don't think were ever going to win this unless something happens with the schools. The 2/3 of my class that believes my teacher, is going to grow up and vote no agaisnt marijuana, its been going on like this for years.
  2. Man i would stand outside that classroom and say "Pssst hey people wanna smoke some weed"
  3. I remember all the dare bullshit and stuff I would hear in elementary and shit, I always remembered how bored I was ... guess I knew it was useless back then :smoking:
  4. the thing is not all schools are like this, at my school which was in Pennsylvania, about 70%-80% of the kids in my grade had either tried marijuana or currently smoke marijuana, most kids start getting into it and realize its all bullshit what the government/teachers say
  5. Your right, schools are just another puppet system of our government to bring us up to serve society, and be productive. Otherwise we don't contribute to anything, and we are useless to their plan.
    Most people realize everything they tell us is bullshit, and when they get out of high school they DEFINITELY understand...
    now you said you were a what in high school???
    (refer to age required to be on this forum)

  6. Refer to me being a senior as said in my opening post
  7. Lucky for us, kids these days don't listen to anything they're taught in school.
  8. u should tell her to watch the union
    or just stand up in class and tell her/ him y everything they are saying is false
  9. yeah I had pretty much the same experience, but I just write about marijuana for all my projects in health, and it certainly helps. Once in my biology class, weed came up, and someone said that smoking weed is 4 times worth than a cig, and I disproved it :)
  10. I hate how half the stuff they teach kids is bullshit.
  11. I'm sure a lot of teachers lie to keep their jobs. A teacher supporting weed or getting caught with it is catastrophic. However, at the same time I'm not going to lie to students and continue the bullshit propoganda that I was taught.
  12. I got suspended for 3 days today...I printed up 30 copies of an article that tells the truth about weed and handed it out to everyone in my class.I thought it was funny that they suspended me, my parents understand and aren't mad, overall I dont really care. I think its funny that they would suspend a student for telling the truth.
  13. And your in Cali?!?!?!?
  14. Yes.

    I was suspended under the grounds of encouraging others/minors to smoke marijuana.
  15. Right on Newtoke! What many people don't understand is that once you lie to a person, and they find out by real life experience that what you said is BS, you're screwed. That is the main argument I use when opponents call MJ a gateway drug. When you put MJ on the same level as coke, heroin, or meth, your are promoting a lie with potentially devastating consequences. Once a person smokes weed, and realizes that it is not dangerous, they may think the same thing about the substances that really are more dangerous, and be more willing to try them.
  16. Newtoke. Call them out in front of the whole class, do some research, get sources and then discredit their ability to teach as you systematically destroy all of their positions on marijuana. Make it clear you are not advocating it's use, merely halting the spread of misinformation. A good place to start for studies would be NORML and Granny Strom Crow's list.

    Good luck if it ever gets brought up again!
  17. Definately this ^^:cool:

    You were not encouraging them to smoke. You were presenting an Academic rebuttal to false and misleading information and your right to do so is protected by the 1st Amendment.:smoke:
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    My list will give you the "ammo" you need. Go strictly medical- the Spanish glioma studies, slowing the spread of breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancers, preventing diabetic retinopathy, preventing the depositing of amyloid plaque (Alzheimer's physical evidence), and so on.

    And here's a "zinger"- 19,000 Americans die from MRSA infections every year- thousands more are maimed by it. MRSA is rapidly becoming resistant to our new antibiotics. Those are facts. Now read this!

    HEMP AS A MEDICAMENT : Methods and results of the bacteriological experiments (full - 1955)
    HEMP AS A MEDICAMENT - Methods and results of the bacteriological experiments

    And for a more modern take on it-

    Natural plant cannabinoids reduce multi-drug resistant infections (news - 2009)
    Natural plant cannabinoids reduce multi-drug resistant infections

    Have fun on your 3 days off! (I have always felt that suspensions were counter-productive! To me they seem a reward for "bad behavior"!)

    Granny :wave:

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