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  1. I'm planning to start my first grow in a couple of months, an all organic one, and I was wondering what people's thoughts are on foliar  sprays.  Do they really work, and if so, is there anything organic that would work well?

  2. I have just recently began foliar spraying and so far has sprayed with alfalfa and one time with stinging nettle. The alfalfa really tightens the internodes, I have read that it does even better with some kelp mixed in there. As for the stinging nettle I do not know what was the result of foliar spraying. Most folks on here use aloe vera juice and pro-tekt (or in my case another form of liquid silicon, I currently have dutch master brand as it was free) along with whatever they are foliar spraying. Hope this helps.
  3. I sprayed mine for the first time with a tea made of EWC, kelp, alfalfa, aloe, liquid silica (pro-tekt) and water, and it has many benefits. The combo I used provides nutrition, shortens internode length, promotes foliar growth, strengthens leaves/stalks and helps prevent stress related to heat and drought.

    The results were night and day. These foliar feeds are very effective, you will literally see positive results in a matter of hours.
  4. Everything that's been said, but also fulvic acids (like Ful-Power) are like plant steroids when used as foliar.
    Neem oil and lavender teas are good foliars for pest management
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    Should I do anything to prepare nutrients for a foliar in the same way you let them cook/age to be ready for the soil?
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    I can't claim this info as my own but it's the process I follow for Foliar feedings:FOLIAR FEEDING TEA:-Bat Guano Base (Bat/Seabird guano in a sock, left in a bucket overnight)-Fish Emulsion-Soluable Liquid Kelp Solution-Bone/Blood MealFill a spray bottle 1/8th of the way with nutrient solution. Spray once a day in the morning right before sunrise and once a day right when the sun is setting for 2-3 weeks before flowering.*IMPORTANT: Completely cover all parts of the leaves (especially underneath) and do not miss a day!**When ready to flower rinse plants entirely with clean spring water to clean.If done correctly bud will swell tremendously and look as though they were rolled in sugar!Hope this helps and happy growing!!AWESOMECOOLTART"Everything around you that you call life, is made up by people that are no smarter than you."

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