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Foliar feeding sugar/molasses?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by CoreyP, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Ive never tried this and actually it sounds like a bad idea but i have to ask. Foliar feeding allows the uptake of nutrients alot faster, but i think that only applies to mobile nutes right? So would it work good to mix a very diluted sugar or molasses spray and spray them? This could have very very bad side effects i know. It would make leaves sticky and probably attract pest. But would this work if youdidnt have to worry about bugs and shit? Maybe this is something that could be done int he last few weeks when you are only using plain water and not so much worried about what the leaves actually look like. I think this has way way to many negative side effects to be effective but just a thought. Also, i can personally say that sugar water does wonders! I havent tried molasses yet (and i know its more nutritional) but i do use about 1teaspoon of sugar per Liter of luke warm water (or until the water is saturated) and my god does it work!! Also i broke a stem to taste the liquid coming out (to see if it nutrients were still int he plant) and it tasted so so sweet. On a side note, this is one perfect way to see if you have flushed everything out before harvest. Start using only plain water like 2 weeks before harvest. Snap a branch and taste the liquid that oozes out. If it taste bitter then theres still nutrients in there, when it taste like water you have done a good job of removing everything. What im saying about it tasting sweet right now is its definitely using that sugar cause i can taste it already. Dont get me wrong though, last 2 weeks will only be water. WOW, i got off track there. Anyways, anyone got any thoughts on foliar feeding molasses?
  2. What does feeding it sugar/molasses do?
  3. OK
    people usually use those compounds in root watering.
    for the fact that yes. bugs will chomp those sugary leaves.
    Sugar is said to help increase yield and plump them up.
    but foliar feeding with these is not a good combination.
  4. Yeah, thats what i said. I know its only used for watering. But i was just wondering how could it would be as foliar spray if bugs and what not were taken completely out of the pic. Even then i dont know how molasses and sugars are taken up. I dont know if they are mobile or immobile, i have got around to figuring that out. As i said, it would do way more harm than good but i was just wondering if there was a way to get around the bugs and sticky leaf part if it would be good for them. But now that i think about it i think it would even mess up the buds themself having all that sprayed on them. I hope no one tries this on good plants cause it will mess them up. Just kind of a conversation starter...
  5. Yea foliar feeding w/ molasses = bad idea. Nuff said ;)
  6. yea I think if you were goin to try it,
    use very small doses in the water you feed them with.
    not your spray bottle.
  7. I do it all the time, But only with molasses never use regular sugar. I use 1-2 teaspoons of molasses per gallon of water, Then I fill my spray bottle half full of the molasses mix and half plain water along with 2 or so droppers of liquid seaweed and my plants love it, just be sure to spray your leaves down with plain water every other day so keep one spray bottle with nutes and one of plain ol' H2o. And you need not worry about pests molasses is a natural pest deterrent and is actually used in many Organic grape vineyards to repel unwanted insects.
  8. You know, thats kinda what i was thinking. I had heard that molasses can be used for pest, but i didnt know how. And ive been using sugar for the past few weeks cause i read about it in high times and i can personally say it works amazing! I think ill switch to molasses though. Whats a good brand?
  9. Any unsulphured variety you can find.

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