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  1. I want to foliar feed my first grow. I read that I should only do it @ around 72 degrees and I know that I only need a 1/3 strength solution but is there something I should mix in to break down the waxy coating on the leaves?
  2. Its called Coco Wet. 13 bucks. You should make the feed full str and feed into the soil. I mean, are you going to be spraying the buds down with nutes when it get to that point? You should foliar and soil feed during veg, and just soil feed during flower.
  3. I really like wet betty from advanced. I recommend using all the time if it won't ruin your humidity like if you have a cab. It makes the leaves so silky and the ten dollar ebay bottle I got lasts for a long time. I can notice growth overnight with it.
  4. I was actually planning to stop foliar feeding 2 weeks into flowering.
  5. There is a very easy answer to all of your foliar feeding questions: don't do it. Your plant can get all the nutrients it needs through the roots that are designed just for that purpose.

  6. Why not utilize both? Spraying your leaves with vitamin b/magnesium compounds is guaranteed to increase vegetative growth and fill any inadequate nutrient uptake through the roots.
  7. Actually foliar feeding is about 7-8 times more effecient at nutrient uptake than root feeding. Obviously, you can't feed the quantities of water and nutrients you need only through foliar feeding; however, strategically used foliar feeding can often get nutrients/biostimulants to plants quicker and more directly than root feeding.

    Eklonia kelp is an excellent example of a biostimulant that is especially effective applied as a foliar spray (Fulvic acid being another good example).

    You want to use a "wetting agent" to lower the surface tension between the foliar liquid spray and the leaf surface. This will allow the foliar spray to spread more evenly, rather than beading up and rolling off the leaf surface. This increased surface contact between the foliar spray and the leaf helps increase absorbtion. Any of the many wetting agents will work--I use "Assist" by Earth Juice.

    By the way, I use a wetting agent even in my nutrient solutions. there are a number of potential benefits from using wetting agents for root drenches.


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