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Folgers in your cup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HashPipe, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Im planing on going to Amsterdam sometime soon. I was just wondering....Do you think that it would work to put a bag of weed in a coffee canister and have it all surrounded in coffee grains, and then mail it back to the states for when i get back? I was thinking about it today when i was high. I had to write it down so i wouldnt forget. I often get some pretty weird ideas when stoned, i just forget them. I know its dumb to send it through the mail and all and ive read about it and shit but this sounds like it would work doesnt it?
  2. kinda risky,

    theres so many other ways you can do it.. jus ask around

  3. Ive gotten weed in the mail before. Some guy sent me straight up weed that you could smell if you put your nose to the envelope. He didnt put his return addy on it and it was some skunk, it was really grinded up though, like almost in a powder form. Im thinking if you could get away with that then whats wrong with my idea??

  4. you were more than just lucky to get that package you were really reall lucky :D
    arent you supposed to at least put some kind of return adress or doesnt it look extra suspicious? i could be wrong about that but. but not about you being really lucky :D


  5. No, you dont HAVE to put a return addy, its not "required". People dont pay too much attention to that. Someone sent me seeds before and put the return addy the same as the mailing addy, that looked pretty goofy, but no one really pays attention to it i guess. The only reason that a return addy is there is so that if it doesnt get to its desired destination, theyll just return it to sender. That and so that the person getting the mail will know who its from before they open it.
  6. Aren't they changing the laws over there to where only their own citizens can buy from the shops? It seems like I read that somewhere. I'll try to look for it.

  7. Just that one dueche bag trying to pass that crap. I coulda sworn you posted that, lol, probably not.

    HashPipe that sounds like an okay idea, if you put like 1/8 or less I don't think you would even get into much trouble even if they did find out. No one is going to rummage through a small container of coffee, unless it makes some dogs bark...

  8. They cant do that!!! thats just wrong, and dumb. I mean, that would be hard to do, going into a cafe, and seeing other people smoke, but you cant. You could just buy it off of someone who is a citizen, there would be ways to get around it, thats just dumb.

  9. lol i know what a return addy is for. using the same addy as the sending addy would be really suspisious. i meant a fake return adress. and they do pay attention at the post office, and it is suspicious if its parcel with no return adress.
    let us know if it works.


  10. I've been looking for a link. Actually, someone who lives there said that they are thinking about coming up with an ID system so that only citizens can buy from shops. It has to get passed and all of that so when it will occur or even if it will is something I'm unsure about. If I ever find a link, I will post it.
    *edit* Here's something(Thanks to Indy!):

    Tourist-free coffee shops rejected
    23 October 2003
    AMSTERDAM - Municipalities and coffee shop owners have strongly rejected Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner's proposal to prevent drug tourism by only allowing Dutch residents to visit the nation's infamous cannabis cafes.

    The conservative Christian Democrat CDA minister said marijuana sales could in future be restricted by the introduction of a pass card or membership system. This would assist in hindering cross-border drug tourism, he said.

    The minister said coffee shop customers might also be required to show their passports, but he did not intend to introduce the system himself. It will be up to municipalities and coffee shops to launch such a system, Dutch associated press ANP reported.

    But coffee shop union BCD said the plan was "worthless". A union spokesman said a membership system would cause a lot of street troubles: "Dealers in hard drugs will take the trade over".

    The Venlo Council shared the union's concerns, claiming that it would result in an explosive increase in the illegal trade of drugs runners. The city council said it wished to speak with the minister about the consequences of his plan as soon as possible.

    Venlo, located in the east of the country on the German border, has five officially tolerated coffee shops and an unknown number of illegal shops. It is also planning to establish two shops nearer to the German border to reduce the nuisance factor for city centre residents.

    The BCD also said coffee shops in Amsterdam and the border areas were not dependent upon foreigners. "Even in the summer months, 70 percent of my clients are Dutch," said a spokesman from a coffee shop on Amsterdam's Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

    The Enschede Council said it did not wish to comment prematurely, while the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) said it wanted to wait for definite plans before assessing reactions from its member councils.

    Minister Donner launched his coffee shop proposal in Berlin on Wednesday amid great pressure from German Interior Minister Otto Schily, who strongly criticised Dutch efforts in the war against drugs. The Netherlands' toleration of soft drugs has long been a bane for its foreign neighbours.

    The minister was visiting his German counterpart to discuss drugs problems, border operations and co-operation in the war against terrorism, an NOS news report said. Meanwhile, the minister also said that a treaty should be signed regulating police operation in border areas to allow German or Dutch police officers to operate across the border in emergencies. The treaty would also allow police to operate across the border in more run-of-the-mill occasions, such as football matches.

    To combat the drugs trade between Amsterdam, the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname, the minister said he intended to intensify "risk flight" inspections at airports in the Antilles and Suriname. If drugs are regularly intercepted, the flights might be scrapped, he warned.

    The Netherlands set up several emergencies jails last year to cope with an alarming increase in drug smuggling arrests on flights arriving from the Antilles. The smugglers usually transport the drugs by swallowing them first.

    [Copyright Expatica News 2003]


    When something is coming from overseas, there has to be something on there for customs. My last box had to have a description of contents on it. Of course, the description wasn't accurate, but on the label it said that it could be opened by customs if needed.

  11. I guess they dont care b/c no one at the post office ever questioned me about any of my mail. I guess ive had alot of "suspicious" mail but i havent had any problems with it. Ive had mail other than that with no return addy and it was just letters from other people, nothing to do with weed or anything. I guess it happens all the time or something??

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