Folded leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by prettybuds, May 23, 2008.

  1. Can anyone tell me what's up with this plant?
    They're under 250w metal halloid, in FoxFarm soil.

    Here's a better pic
  2. Anyone, anyone? Bueller. Bueller.
  3. More info needed.
    What are your temps? How close is the light?
    Do you have a fan on it?
    How often are you watering and how much?
    What type of soil is that?
  4. I'm getting all the info from my jackass friend, it's his plant, I'm growing outdoors, never seen this problem. But until I hear, this is what I know
    Soil: FoxFarms
    Temps: in the 70's
    Light is like 6 inches maybe
    Watering as needed, they were just transplanted into bigger pots so not sure how often.
    Yes there's a fan in there.
    No nutes yet.
  5. Alright here we go:
    Ok we got 250W started about 7-8 inches maybe even closer. now at a foot.
    Plants are three weeks old.
    One is in 5 gallon pot (that's the one that's curling) the other in a 3. However, the larger plant (the one in the 5gallon) was showing these signs b4 i put into the big pot.
    Humidity used to be VERY low (up until a week ago.) now i got it at 50%ish
    24hours light.
    This problem is prevelant with the bigger, taller plant (dont know if it's because of distance from light) The smaller one (and it's about an inch shorter) seem perfectly healthy.
    Temps are ranging from 77-83,
    I try to water as need be. Im guessing about a little less then a qt every other day or two and a half days.

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