Focused vision.. whats that called?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Lil Loko, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. What's that called when you're so focused on something, that it's like your mind narrows in on that solely, and you hear/see virtually nothing around you?!

    I remember there was a thread about that a while back on here.. and I would search for it, but I have no idea of the keywords to look for. I just remember the concept of the thread, which is basically this.
  2. tunnel vision?
  3. Concentration
  4. BOTH!!

    but i think SDC has it

    have any of you ever experienced it?? i have...freaky
  5. I only got it for about the first year I started smoking. It would happen when I got extremely ripped. Looking at one thing would feel completely disconnected from another, such as while looking around my room although it's all connected, every frame would feel like a different place.
  6. I miss that.. was one of my favorite things when I first started smoking. Mushrooms will do the same thing tho.
  7. I never got tunnel vision from smoking weed, but I have gotten it from adrenaline

  8. I dunno... it had some scientific(?) name to it?!

    I don't think it's tunnel vision, tho'... though thats prolly close to it. I wanna find the real term for it.

    But it is kinda like that... and adrenaline

    An example ~> Fighting...

    When you get into a fight and you're completely focused on battering your opponent.. All else is lost in this train of thought... All you're focused on is zeroing in on this person / object / matter / whatever the case may be..
  9. spacing out because you're stoned mo-fo
  10. Oh yeah, I guess I should've mentioned....IT HAS NOTHING TO DO W/ BEING HIGH!

  11. Kind of the opposite of low latency inhibition.

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