Focus Points Create Reality

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  1. There exists probability regions around us at all times, alternate formations of atoms. These alternate formations of atoms essentially result in alternate realities. The energies of reality always remain as probability regions until observation, at which point the probabilities collapse into one actual formation. The formation results from focusing, which condenses the probability regions of the surroundings in order to conform with that focus point. It is a mirror image of the focus point of the observer. The less focused you are, the more wiggle room the atoms are given to exist as probabilities. Increased intensities and durations of being unfocused opens your mind up to more and more of its potential for infinitely wide range of ways which it can sort the surrounding energies in its creation of your reality. This is simply a testament to the infinitely wide range of FOCUS POINTS which the brain is capable of. When you focus, the probabilities collapse in order to conform to the viewpoint of your focus. This works on a reciprocating fashion, because since your focus creates your reality, it seemingly confirms the truth of your focus point. This creates momentum, and makes that viewpoint more and more ingrained into your mental makeup, which therefore continues to play a role in your brain's sorting of the energies.

    If you understand this process, the ideal way of being becomes obvious. Constantly cultivate an unfocused mind, until an opportunity to focus in an enjoyable and preferable way presents itself. When this occurs, you focus intensely, honing in your mind on those energies. When the opportunity for preferable focusing disappears, you go back to cultivating an unfocused mind. Through your cultivation of an unfocused mind, you open up more potential within your Nervous System to sort energies in a more flexible fashion. Through your only focusing on preferable things, you build momentum in your mind, and create a tendency to align energies in that way. This is the essential technique for reality creation. Now it is all about training yourself to consistently do this, and learning how you want to focus. Remember, focus points serve as reference points for what you are going to attract into your reality.
  2. wow talking about mind blowing :)
  3. Care to go into how one can sense the presence of a focus point?
  4. i really like the idea that an unfocused mind gives you a more open mind. maybe in a way its like when you daydream, or close your eyes when your tired, and go into that mindset where you think, and you think of these unusual things and your mind becomes more open to these possibilities.
  5. is this subjective reality?
  6. Exactly the reason that meditation causes brain growth.
  7. my mind is trying to comprehend all of creating reality and i understand its something you have to learn to do and learn to control it, but it reallly is mind blowing. i'm trying to get past the point of being like whaaaattt? and actually manifesting what it is i hope for.
  8. Is that scientific? Im curious on what being could have found that out...

    seems pretty intense, but with or without atom reality,

    we can indeed create how we perceive our reality as good or bad

    :smoke: nice post man

    you seem to post a lot more in politics these days, I've been wondering how you manage to stay spiritual and focused on the ultimate when constantly dealing with the b.s world today, I find it really hard to do. maybe that's just me.

    anyways peace :)
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    Whatever you perceive about your reality are signals that your conscious mind is taking in out of a MUCH larger range of signals that is actually available in your reality. What you notice about your reality, then, gives insight into your mental focus points.

    Perhaps. I am verrrry hesitent about taking up labels, because I find they always spark off different thoughts in different people that may or may not be consistent with what I'm actually trying to say. I would perhaps say that the objective reality has a very large range of potential focus points which all create different subjective realities that fall within the range of the objective reality.

    It's interesting. When I first realized...let's say, the foundation for what I understand to be ultimate truth, I went back and studied texts from many different religious/spiritual schools of thought. I found, to my excitement but not surprise, they all seemed to be saying what I had realized. In fact, my conception of Truth seemed to clearly stick to their own texts/foundational doctrines more than what the followers of these religions claimed as truth, for the most part. This was fascinating, and since it seemed that EVERYONE was saying the same thing that I had realized, this was quite a confirmation for it.

    As time went on, for a variety of reasons, I began to study up on some scientific thought. Incredibly enough, the most advanced scientific truths were saying the same thing! The fields of science that are most relevant to my conceptions of reality are quantum mechanics and relativity. Now I see science(as well as everything I learn, really) to be fleshing out and adding precision to my understanding. As I see it, physical science is not something to compete with "esoteric" thought. Rather, science gives precise explanations of how the "esoteric" truth functions. So my philosophic or spiritual or esoteric or WHATEVER you wanna call it ideas on Ultimate Truth lay a foundation for how I approach reality, and allows me to use EVERYTHING I come across to flesh out my understanding and make it more precise. In the case of science, it seems pretty clear that scientific thought is perfectly consistent with my understanding. It's also quite clear that my way of understanding isn't the typical interpretation of scientists; that's ok, though, as most of the science that confirms my thoughts is not very well understood yet.

    I have been indeed. I have noticed in the past that when I get too deep into how fucked up our societal/governmental systems are, it tends to just make me pissed off and fucks up my whole energies or w/e. As time has went on, I've tried to maintain my political focus on my ideals for society/government, and when discussing the way things currently are just basically use that as a tool for confirming to myself how stupid the current system is, and how much better things could be. Seeing this helps me to be confident that it is inevitable that the change is coming, because the current system is just so stupid and doesn't make any sense. This allows me to continue to flesh out my more utopian ideals, and become excited that it will become a reality.

  10. That was very interesting to read and thanks for writing that.

    On the politics thing, I have kind of resorted to that too, or just read things without caring and respond without caring. and then i just think more about ideas than the real world

    it's a journey :p to utopia. gotta stay good inside
  11. let me rephrase, sorry i was just trying to shorten your OP for my head. so when we focus on objective reality, subjective reality is a product?
  12. Very well put... but, I have one question; can we transmute our reality's - consciously change our perception of external objects, and overall outcomes of events?

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