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  1. Today, I sat at a stop sign for like a minute.
    I've been smoking for like five years. fml
  2. An entire minute?! Fuck your life.
  3. IM guessing by that you mean "waiting for it to turn green"? lol... been there.
  4. lmao . failure ?
  5. ...I don't get it
  6. You stopped at a stop sign for a minute? Were there other cars around you? Were you fucking up traffic or what? Most importantly, are you high? lol :D
  7. lol you gotta wait for the sign to turn green!!!
  8. thats nothing i've been in the car with a friend and sat at a green light for a good 45 seconds stoned out of our mind waiting on absolutely nothing at 2 in the morning.
  9. Better than using the word like too much. :rolleyes: :p
  10. hahahaha

    I once was driving on a busy highway at like 12am. I was stoned out of mind, and there were no cars on either side of this 3 lane each highway. I was laughing hysterically and wtfing the entire time. Back when I first really started smoking.
  11. Wait, are we not supposed to stop at stop signs now? :p
  12. Surpsied nobodies beat me to it.
  13. LMAO well....since were posting funny pictures...

  14. roflmao

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