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  1. fucking flys are all over my white shit ...... maybe its because my shed is right next to my duck/chicken pen

    How Do I Get Rid Of Them Before i add my plants to my growroom ?
  2. best you can do is fly strips .... praying mantis, venus fly traps and other meat eating plants might be cool too...............FEED ME SEYMORE FEED ME ...:laughing:
  3. what you mean by white shit and are they house flies or real tiny flies
  4. the black, typical fly will be a hassle indeed. Try adhesive strips, ive done it and they just cant help getting stuck in it. Change them when they reach half the statial capacity, it gives better results than waitint till its physicallyimposible to catch another.

    White flies will eventually fuck it all up if left unchecked. Watch them like a hawk (some dude`s phrase), the minute you spot one hunt it down with your finger tips. DOnt be shy, kill them imediately or else theyl multiply.
    There are some chemical stuff that can b used to rid the white flies, but id rather hunt em down early than spreading mean chemicals over the ladies that WILL be smoked. I dont want that shit in my lungs.
  5. they are regular house flies

    im thinkin of going mission impossible on them like when the get all over my White Foam imma drop from the seiling with a fly swater
  6. you think you could put a venus fly trap in a ponic system? thatd be raw....
  7. i done some research
    i even found a site to buy em im thinking of getting one bro it would be good and they could allways have flys forever in my shed its right next to my duck/ chicken pic those animals stink ... well i just figure thier smell is camo of a sort

    but yea buy ya one

    im sure you can gro em hydroponicly just have to nute em right

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