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Flying with weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMissile, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. #1 TheMissile, Aug 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2012
    I'm from Upstate NY 1.5 hours from NYC so I get mids like a motherfucker. But I'm vacationing with family to Cali for a week and leaving Saturday. I heard you guys got the dankest bud and the most lenient cops, so would it work if I snuck a10 bag back home to share with my homies? I'm thinking of hiding it in some lead glasses box or something hard to spot out on xray. I saw Joey Diaz said he hid a bag under his left nut and got through.

    Oh yeah and how do your girls like New Yorkers/ NY accent cuz Snoop Lion said dem Cali girls are the best poontang around.
  2. ...... Some people have 0 intelligence
  3. Haha ok. I simple "no" would have sufficed. :smoke:
  4. Don't do it, you're risking getting a possible drug trafficking charge and it also counts as a federal offense.
  5. Tape it to the roof of your mouth!

    Smooth sailing from there! :wave:
  6. don't risk it.. safest way is probably to mail it to yourself...other than that...don't even try.
  7. no talk about trafficking:cool:
  8. What you do is have your buddies find a house that no-one is living in but is for sale and write down the address. Now you do the same in Cali. Now ship any amount of weed wrapped multiple times in garbage bags with the address in cali as the senders address and the address in New York as the delivery address. If they catch the package they will go to the addresses and find that no-one lives there.
  9. If it's just a dime or something small put it in a water balloon and stick it up your butt. Lol
  10. Dude a ten bag? Tape that shit to your nut sack

  11. Bad idea, some people have their mail forwarded.

    What I'd do is just get as much oil as I can, some seeds, and shove it up my ass. Not for trafficking purposes of course, just because I like to do that. :p

  12. ^^ this
  13. Don't do it.. It won't work.
  14. If its a new house they won't have mail forward set up yet. You can also leave a note on the door telling the mail guy to leave the package in the back of the house.

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