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Flying Out Of Sfo With Mmj?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dandelions, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone!
    First of all, I moved out here less than a year ago and received my rec from a doctor back in January. I never really smoked much before then, but my friends out here talked me into it because I was on medication for anxiety and depression.
    Long story short, I'm homesick for my home state and want to visit for the summer(2 months) but I would like to bring some medication with me. I have heard you can fly out of SFO airport with MMJ. Has anyone done this? And with how much?
    I'm planning on bringing about 2 ounces with me, however I'm not sure how much I would be allowed to bring or where to put it or any of the regulations.
    Also, I heard that the doctor rec and the card I received from them would be useless and I need a state card. Is this true? And how long would it take for them to mail me the card?
    Let me be clear on this, I know that what I'm doing is risky(landing in a non-friendly state and smoking there), however I'm not going to be stupid with it. (I'm keeping it in one safe spot the entire time and literally no one knows besides my father.) Also, I'm not asking for smuggling tips or anything of that nature. If I'm doing this, I'm doing it the right way dang it :)
    Thank you all so much :)

  2. good luck, i wouldnt do this most likely because when you bring it out of state it becomes federal. but i would put it in multiple layers, like in a vaccume sealed bag also in something thats hollowed out. always the option of mailing it also, never done it but heard of people being succesful using that route.
  3. I would mail it in a vacuum sealed bag, inside of an ordinary box, maybe with a home appliance label, or something like that. Never smart to bring anything on a plain, they check thoroughly.
  4. Wow 2 ozs is a lot. IDK about getting the green buds on a plane. I heard that edibles is the way to go. Does your friend have any connects where you are going?
  5. But then wouldn't they think that I'm trying to smuggle it if I packed it like that and they saw? :/
    Also, I'm fine with getting myself in trouble but I don't want anyone else to get in trouble either, hence why I have never mailed it. Does mailing actually work cross country by the way? I've never known anyone that has mailed it.
    I had heard that as long as it's in carry-on it would be fine, and that even if they found it and had issues with me it would fall under local police jurisdiction.
    Well I am going for two months. And edibles are way too intense for me. As for connections, it's a pretty much dry state. The only thing that would be readily available would be really shitty tasting shake. I might be able to get some actual bud here and there, but it would be shitty dirt weed.
  6. Well, you've got a pretty sticky situation. If the area is dry where you're going, you have to do what you have to do to bring your own weed. If you can carry it on legally, I'd go ahead and go for it.
  7. My thoughts exactly. It would ruin my whole trip if I couldn't medicate
    Side note, I just called the SFO police and asked them about their policy regarding traveling with MMJ. The police officer sounded busy, but she did say that MMJ is permitted through security if I have proof of recommendation. She then asked if I minded being forwarded to the TSA officers and I said no. After waiting for a minute, a TSA officer picked up and I told them I had some questions about traveling with MMJ. "That's illegal ma'am." After explaining I had literally just talked to a SFO police officer and what they had told me, she put me on hold to speak to another officer. After a couple more minutes of waiting, "Ma'am, another TSA officer told me that it is, in fact, legal. But, that doesn't sound right to me. I'm still pretty sure it's illegal."
    Thanks TSA lady, you're awesome 
  8. Didja check the sticky topic entitled "State Reciprocity Agreements?"
  9. Yes. I know the state I'm visiting does not honor MMJ clients.
    My question is only if someone here has flown out of SFO or if they know anything about flying out of SFO with MMJ
  10. i flew out of san fran. with mmj. not 2 ounces! more like a quarter. simply triple bagged it stuck it in my shorts pocket in my carry on bag. carried it on with me, crapped a twinky going thru check points. and,bam! had killer reefer in indiana. my traveling partner was super paranoid.(more than me) duct taped a couple grams to his balls. omg!!! i still remember him scream pulling the tape that had been on for hours!1 hahahaah omg!!! even if they found your reefer i believe the most they would do is not let you board with it. they would keep it and probably smoke it. good luck.

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