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  1. when it comes to mostly indicas and their maturity times.

    do i flower for 8 weeks til the trichomes show me what i want then do i start my flush or is it as my friend says, go by the hairs and trichomes at about six weeks and then flush two weeks coming to 8 weeks or what, who seems righter GC, i need help ASAP, deep discussion and knowledge welly appreciated
  2. somebody holla at me...its urgent
  3. wow...all these growers and noone can help me, grasscity...you'll treat me like the Man, wow, cool, why hate, if u dont know u dont know, amateurs lmao
  4. no you flush two weeks prior but for max thc take a 1 week longer in flowering. 9weeks start flushing begining of 7 weeks good luck:):eek:
  5. flushing like two-three days before HEAAVY FLUSH THO LIKE MAKING THE PLNT THINK IT's BEING DROWNED OUT AND DARKNESS worked for me on my last grow of outdoors (potted) sour diesel and my sweet tooth & my grape ape...

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