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  1. When are you suppose to start flushing what are the trichomes suppose to look like

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  2. I flush 2 weeks before harvest. Where the trichs are at in development is up to you, the grower.
    Clear trichs = immature and will provide a sativa-like high
    Cloudy = a good mix of euphoria / couch lock
    Amber = mature, very stoney/couch lock high
    I aim for a 60/40 amber/cloudy mix when I harvest. So between the breeder guidelines and my eye, I will estimate when to start flushing 2 weeks prior to that 60/40 stage I prefer. So usually when my trichs are clear/cloudy and little specs of amber then I will start to flush. 2 weeks later they are at least 50/50 and I will decide from that point when to harvest. 2,3 maybe 4 days later.
  3. I start to flush at about 80% cloudy, 20% clear
    and hope for maybe 10% amber, but im always doing diferant strains and all work out diferant
  4. Thank you I'm going to strt flushing in in a couple days most of the trichomes are cloudy an some clear. Hoping by the end of the flush I got a atleast 10 to 20 % Amber

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