Flushing too early?

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  1. Hey guys. Im at 15 weeks and started flushing during week 14. I heard to flush for two weeks so i figured i the buds will fully mature by then. As of right now, i still have many buds still with white hair and the hairs havent receeded back in the bud, thus buds arent fat. My question is, since only a few matured bud will be ready, should i just chop the matured? Do i continue going with just ph water until the rest is done or do i put it back on the nutes?

  2. I say get back on nutes probably only feed 1-2 more times.
  3. 15 weeks?????:confused:How long did you veg? Check your runoff...your plant is locked up and dormant...IMO:)
  4. Vegged for about 1.5 months. Whats lockup
  5. Do ypou have pics. Please post pics:wave:
  6. Buds close to harvest will look close to this

    What strain are you running?
  7. I flush two weeks before their done but I dont go by how many weeks they been growing or flowering for. I keep an eye on the trichs cloudy to amber ratio daily and when I think they will be like 65% cloudy to amber ratio say in like 3 weeks then the following week I start flushing. Its more of a guesstimate. Its kind of a learn as you go.

  8. Guys, I understand when the bud's ready to harvest. I am just wondering what I should do about the nutes since the bud's not ready...I only received one answer... please give me some input as to wether you think I should continue to use only ph water since i was flushing, or to get back on the nutes. And if I do get back on the nutes, do I do this after I harvest the "ready" ones?
  9. Ah ok. Is the bud pick above one of the buds that you want to harvest? More pics would be of more help.
  10. tplat. Some are like that. most aren't. therefore, I think i need to continue flowering the ones aren't ready and harvest the ones ready.

    So again, my question would be, after I harvest the Ready, do I put it back on nutes?
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    If its only a few buds here and there I`d say go for it if you think they have more then two more weeks to go before being ready. Just be carefull with your cuts, sharp, clean scissors and a nice clean cut to try and minimise shocking the plant to much. As for nutes then yes if its gonna take more then two weeks for the rest to finish, if close to two weeks then maybe just some unsulphered molasses and water.

  12. Thanks!!!

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