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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nofockyou, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I have tried to find some kind of detail on when to flush. Everytime I find info on it, it says 2 weeks prior to harvest. But there's never detail on how to tell when that actually is. I have read on when to harvest the plants but is there any kind of tell tale signs that it's ready for the 2 week prior flush.

    Do you start the 2 week flush before trichromes turn amber and then the turn amber after flush? or Do I wait til a certain % are amber and then flush.

    Just wish there was more info than "2 weeks prior to harvest" when I got no clue if im 2 weeks away lol.
  2. I would have tracked how many weeks your plants were in flower, then at about the 6-8 week mark (pending your strain 8 week flower, ten week flower) I would have started flushing.

    At this point if your trich's are turning amber I would start flushing, as you are almost done with your cycle.
  3. My plant is a lil over 6 weeks into flower. So I can flush before the trichromes are turning amber? it's a closet grow with cfls so the yield doesnt look very big still. And this was a bag seed so i dont know what strain it is i just know it's a good one. The plant doesnt really have any smell yet either 6 weeks in flower which i find a bit weird.
  4. it could be a 10 week flower strain? your best bet is to keep checking your trich. and when they start turning start flushing, if you are 100% on your 6 weeks give it some time they should plump up a bit in the later weeks of flowering.
  5. any pictures?
    cause you might still have a good bit of time till its ready for flush/harvest.
  6. ill add a pic tonight I'm not at home at the moment and thank you for responces so far.

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