Flushing My Ladies

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by boxcarr1, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. i  just started flushing my ladies today and plan on flushing for a week but i have noticed already that i am having to ajust my ph once  every hour  as it keep trying to go above 6.5 .at this stage of the bloom cycle im in my 10th week of bud now  should i keep trying to maintain 5.8....ps im growing ambrosia and they look great and dont want to mess them up ............thank for the help

  2. Yes keep the ph stable. This is a very critical stage, you're almost done.
  3. ok thanks im useing gh kleen flush and the smell comes right through the water  in the rez which i keep in a different room and it smells great .....ps im planning on flushing for a week and going to change the water after 4 days and then put them in total dark for the last 2 days does anyone know if thats the right thing to do? 
  4. final flush really doesn't need to be ph'd.  adjusting ph enables plants to take in certain nutes, which is good.  but you don't really want them to keep taking in nutes, that's why you're flushing, to get them out.  so an out of whack ph makes it impossible for plants to take in nutes in that range.  some will disagree, quoting this and that, but bottom line is, you don't want your plants feeding when you're trying to get the nutes out!!!

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