flushing last weeks of flowering?

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  1. when flowering, do you give nutrients all throughout, until harvest, or do you cut out the nutes 2 weeks before harvest and replace with plain water. thannks
  2. between 2-4 weeks before harvest you should be watering with straight water. That way the plant uses up what is left in the soil if you are doing organics. chems you have to flush them. ewww, who wants to grow chemmy anyway???
  3. If using distilled water should I continue to add cal-mag or just flush with straight distilled water?
  4. its a hydro setup with flora nutes. Theres about 10 or so days left before day 60, and i was wondering if i should just use water and cut the nutes out of the mix.
  5. any input on this, should i stop with the nutes?
  6. yes, just use water or your bud might have a harsh taste to it.
  7. there are 10 days left till day 60, will this cause a decrease in yeild? since there are no nutrients? or how does this work exactly.. thanks
  8. It will not decrease in yields. Instead of taking nutes from the soil your plants will use its nute reservoir(the leaves)
  9. don't go by the calendar as to when you're done. check the trichomes. a lot of people don't just stop nutes. they slowly back off on them. just like when you start them. you don't start off on full strength nutes, so don't just quit them. at week 5 after the pk boost, i slowly decrease nute strength by 1/4.
  10. well sorry i dont have pics, but theres about 6 colas, the lower ones (where they come from the lower part of the mail stem) are slightly browning. then some here and there are browning / redding. the main cola has yet to brown at all. oo, and i currently only run it on a 1 gallon res, so cutting down is hard to do cos its a pain to measure it. i use 6 teaspoons total when doing the nutes. (1-2-3 as said by the flora label)
  11. good to know, i'll try that

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