Flushin my girl today :)

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  1. So im just a highs guy, shove water through her. she's doing well and i haven't had problems, but i was told it shalll be done!

    **But lookin at shit and listenin to people.. i think a flushing agent is NEEDED, not just recommended. When does nute lock happen? cause im just using distilled water. not watchin PH, tho i know kinda checked...but more hope, its at neutral.

    o0o and

    she's sexy :)
    and will keep me medicated. :)

  2. Why are you flushing? That plant looks healthy and doesn't have nute lock out. A flushing agent isn't important. That's just a marketing gimmick IMO. When you actually NEED to flush, you use plain water. But you only need to flush when you've overfed and just before harvest. There is no reason to flush now. Some people flush when switching from veg nutes to bloom nutes, but I think that's silly. You don't want to lose all your N rapidly, you want the plants to use it up on their own during flower, and be slightly low in N by harvest time.
  3. o hmm, well is it bad to do it anyways?
  4. dont flush bro, like the guy said above..only flush if there is a prob or last 2 weeks before harvest.
  5. well i just slammed my self then.
    i just got on, and i did it when i got home. slammed theen
  6. she loved it.
  7. Its no big deal as long as you give them some ferts in your last gallon flush.She may look good now but be fair warned in a few days she may yellow unless your in a super soil
  8. thanks, and the soil is going dry quick and so i will start feeding agian. I have fox farm soil, and i put top soil on before i flushed, so being a kinda noob stat of thought; i thought it would help it. and im watchin closely. thanks for the warning sign too man

    Im going through lessons learned right now. no killin nothin, but putting some plants in un-necessary stress. such as flushin, and photo shock. learning that indoor isn't out door and feeding schedule is different ha. By next out door season, im gunna do it to my legal standards. and mess up with messin wit pH
  9. Your plant looked fine. But flush will not hurt anything. Just feed for like normal and you will be fine.

    Potted plants love flushings. But most folks do it when problems come.
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    Why would it yellow unless your in super soil? As long as he feed the plant with veg and bloom ferts it will be fine and perhaps better than it was.

  11. I believe thats what i said no?:confused:
  12. yeah, i get ya. i believe im well.
    my indoor was the one i should have showed some pictures of, cause it did need to be flushed. I like that i flushed them, i feel like they wanted it. Iv been feeding them since the beginning and when the water was comin out it was like... green/brown. but now it was clear water drip. and new nutes wil be added :)

  13. Wow really? Green / brown ? Good thing ya flushed that sounds like algae in the rez of an indoor garden not soil. how was the ph out of curiosity? ether way glade ya worked it out man! heres to a boutiful harvest! :smoke:
  14. thanks. i prolly didn't show greats pictures of any of them anyway. but yeah. i was told my some friends, the bitches needed to be flushed. and i poured 10 gallons in my 5 gall pot. and she came out dippin clear. I flushed her with water and magical.

  15. Nice man,i just jumped on your thread :)

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