Fluro... To help or to suck?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrgosujt, May 16, 2006.

  1. How many fluros (the long lasting spiral ones 34 watt) would it take to keep 2 female widows growing?

    Or how many of the long 40 watt fluros will help 2 females grow to full maturity?
  2. your askign 2 totally different questions there,

    Are you asking to just keep them growing (for mothers) or to help them grow to maturity.

    Im figureing growing them to maturity to flower them...

    for the spirals, 3x spiral for each plant

    for the 4 foot 40 watt i would buy 3 shoplights which holdes 2 bulbs each
    and that should be enough for the 2 plants to grow quit well.
  3. 3 per plant is what im using now...kinda weak. you might wanna get a few more and put them hitting the plant at different angles.
  4. Nevermind that. Not worth it IMO. ill just ge tmy HPS :X
  5. its best to mix light sources

    side lighting is best left to flo tubes and compact flos (light socket flos) while hps and mh are best for below and above to really get the light deep in the leaves

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