Fluoxetine (prozac)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TNToker615, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. hey folks,

    well i just got a Fluoxetine 20mg prescription. the bottle says its generic for prozac.

    first is their any rec. value to them?

    secound how much should i take to have a fun time, if thats possible?

    third Anything wrong with snorting them?

    last whats the high like, if theres any?

    sorry if these Qs are crazy but im a noob on pillz and hope to stay that way.

  2. wont do shit
  3. all ADs aren't recreational, what so ever
  4. DAMN...

    ok thanks guyss
  5. In my experience they are anti-recreational. It makes you feel no emotion. Smoking weed was so much better when I came off of that stuff.
  6. Took it for a while. Not much of a recreation value. I would stop taking them. Mixing them with alcohol or weed isn't any good. Thats what I did and it made things worse. It just makes you happy for the day. Never gonna cure depression. Might stop compulsive disorder.
  7. i dont have any depression or anything, just hit some hard times and my girl friend con-ed me into going to the doc. figured id see if they are good for something.

    thanks again guys

    the citys always here to help

  8. They have absolutely no value at all, even therapeutically. Just don't fucking take one. You don't need that bullshit and it will just make you more fucked up then you think you are now.
  9. Yeah go ahead make the drug using community look like thieves.Its all good though,you know Karma?That lady is a BITCH.
  10. LOL indeed. Lying about what kind of drug you're giving someone could potentially kill them.. And kids? Pretty sick joke.

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