Fluoros do work right??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganjamen, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Hey, im under the impresion that people nowadays downgrade the fluoros as a lightning option.. I do get the fact that hps gives more light per watt and in a better spectrum, and that the more lumens the more yield is posible but:

    On what ground can someone discredit the use of fluoros??? Lots of people grew astonishing weed back in the 80´s, 90´s and still nowadays based on such systems...

    Is the main reason to pick on fluoros that they simply wont let you yield as much as HPS??
    In that case, is the asumption that good buds will come out using fluoros right for the general public, or is everyone to be bound to the ultra hard core growers point of view that fluoron wont do it...??

    Im kinda sick of readint that it would be better to go hps but no tiips are given to people willing to use fluoros for one reason or another...

    Currently on my first grow
    4x39 daylight Osram Fluoros hung up in chains, some old school twist, jeje.
    4 Indicas
    6 Sativas
    .5 g/L of "triple 17 plus" (17-17-17 N-P-K and some micrconutes)
    .5 g/L of "nutriflor" (15-30-15 N-P-K)
    35 days 12-12
  2. not clear, or not interesting at all???
  3. I mean you could go with floros but why waste your time its like trying to get drunk off a wine cooler compared to one 211 malt liqour lol
  4. $$$$$$$$$$<<<<----------- thats why
  5. HIGH All, nothing wrong with Floros...just won't get the massive Buds you would useing a stronger light. I used them in the early 80's.
  6. thank you very much, just what ive been saying all along...

    Fluoros fucking work, not as good as other things, but they do...
  7. I've done more than a few grows with fantastic results with just flouros. It's simply a matter of using the right ones. Another member here (NEXXUS i think) has a grow journal that he did and it was 100% flouro tube.
  8. Better lights better yeild or something like that
  9. There's no doubt that flouros work. Some HID's give off more of a certain spectrum that the the plants need in veg (MH) and flower (HPS). There are full spectrum flouros on the market now that do an awesome job. T-5's I have heard are good flouros to use. If you are going to grow, do the research and do it right, using either flouros and/or HID. Don't try to grow your plants under a 25 watt cool white flouro. Like I said, read up, study what lights you need and can afford and do it right. Check out Red's Dread grow - he's def doing flouros right
    good luck brother

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