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  1. I have read a bit about T5 T8 and T12 and am still unsure as to this lighting I have a T8 30w single bulb these lights were used for my fish tank and have a blue and red spectrum. The brand is Sylvania grolux not sure on the spectrum.

    Light details are as below:

    GroLux Tubes Details:

    The GroLux range of fluorescent tubes from Sylvania are for plant growth in areas with insufficient daylight.

    These GroLux Tubes promote the process of photosynthesis in plants and have a high level of red and blue radiation's which helps to promote healthy plant growth. They strengthen the colours of aquatic plants and fish in aquariums Also recommended for use in greenhouses, indoor garden and florists. Used for lighting of fresh water aquariums.

    Type: Fluorescent Tubes for Plant Growth
    Fitting: T8 / G8
    Length: 895mm
    Diameter: 26mm
    Voltage: 240v
    Wattage: 30W
    Average Life: 8,000 Hours

    I want to use this light to help my seedlings along. placing them in rockwool 2" starter cubes (pre soaked in Ph adjusted water) in a humidity dome and under the light ( I have the light about 18cm above the the rockwool cube and the temp is 25 degrees Celsius )

    I had germinated the seeds it took 2 days and then placed them into the rockwool under the light (aprox 12-24 hrs later one of the 3 germinated seeds is up)

    hope that this light is ok to use if anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know.
  2. I don't know the color of the bulb, but if the thing is specifically made as a grow bulb, I'm sure it's fine.
  3. The colour of the bulb is cool white I think I hope it is ok too. I am thinking if things go pear shaped I always have the option of putting it in the veg room under the 400w MH. I can dim it down to 150w
  4. just found out the bulb is a warm white and the colour temperature is at 2,050k do you still think this will be ok for seedling growth.

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