Flu Outbreak

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha_Man, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Not trying to scare anyone here or anything but I guess 80% of the country has the flu or flu symptoms. I had a little stomach bug a few weeks ago that had me shittin water for 2 days, but i got over it. No medicine either, just plenty of fluids and a toilet.

    Now, ive noticed at the end of every flu segment on the news, they plug some sort of medicine. Like it's obvious we all get sick from time to time, but do you think it's exagerated? A way to sell over the counter drugs?
  2. 80%? Where did you hear that? That's a huuuuge exaggeration.

    The CDC said this could be the worst flu season in a decade, sure, and there are a large number of cases (not to mention the fact that flu season started so early, which is the strangest bit), but 80% is outrageous.
  3. I just got over the flu...about two-three days ago. Could it be man made? airborne chems tend to spread very easily.
  4. A ton of people around here have gotten a stomach but and threw up for a day or two and then been fine

  5. overheard it on the news. 80% of americans not the world.
  6. 80% is still wrong
  7. im sick right now i have been popin buckleys and cold pills like skittles
  8. 4 days ago when the flu i had was at its peak, i felt like i was going to die. I couldnt smoke or anything...worst shit ever.
  9. Been sick for over a week at first I slept for 3 days (only staying awake for like 2 hours each day) and then I got this stupid cough I'm still dealing with.

    Vitamins and OTC medication that's itttt.
  10. Pretty bad up here in Canada also. I know probably close to 30 people who happen to be sick right now, including me. It's going on day 6 today
  11. Whole family was sick except for meeeeee fuck yeah but too early to tell yet

  12. You just jinxed yourself man :wave:
  13. I've had a bunch of friends including myself all have a fever and body aches for a few days but none of us had any stomach sickness. Not sure if our flu is different from other areas
  14. I don't know what it is but I rarely get sick. Once in a while ill feel a flulike system then its gone after like 2 hours. But that's rare also. Is it weird if I never get sick?
  15. Don't remember the last time I was sick. It's been years
  16. one guy at work had it, came in like a fucking asshole and gave it to someone else, that dude got it worse lmao
  17. everyone around me has been sick at least once in the past few months

    and guess what?

    im clean as a whistle :D haven't been sick in over a year

    ....for now
  18. Guess who's going NOWHERE! :hide:

    If they are saying 80% then it has to be like 30% minimum and that's 3 outta 10 people and that is far too many sick ass motherfuckers.....for me.:poke:

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