Boxing Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor

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Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor Mcgregor

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  1. Floyd Mayweather

  2. Conor Mcgregor

  1. Notice what he was throwing? A bunch of ones :laughing:
  2. And still has millions.... and that was a BUNCH of ones, probably more than people have in their pockets right now.

    This is a joke match. Mcgregor is a racist fool, mayweather needs some attention, but ultimately will end up losing to the huge amount of money to be made for him to throw this fight.

    Vegas and the bets determines the win. Mcgregor wouldn't stand a chance if this was a real fight, it'd be over in seconds.

    Let's not forget the Mcgreg and Diaz fight, got his ass whooped then had to do a payed off rematch for redemption. :laughing:

    Dana whiteboard is laughing himself to sleep at all the fools gong to pay for this rigged ass fight !

    Willing to bet it's going to go the whole way and end up in a lame decision, McGregor on top.
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  3. For someone who thinks it's a rigged fight and doesn't care for the fight, you sure have a lot to say about it lol. McGregor isn't racist, he just doesn't understand how sensitive and weak minded a lot of Americans are. How can you let WORDS out of a man's mouth affect your feelings?
  4. When did I say I didn't care? and I could care less that you don't think he's a racist, I think he is. Who said my feelings are affected? Im expressing my opinion on the fight as the topic suggests. Stop putting WORDS in my mouth. You should take your own advice. Since my words have affected your feeling so much :laughing:
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  5. No need to be so defensive dude :laughing: literally just pointed out he threw a bunch of ones, That's all
  6. Defensive? Don't think Mayweayher needs abyone to defend him, just found it weird you're laughing at a millionaire throwing ones, imlpying he's broke. What was so funny about that?
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  7. You guys think it'll be rigged?
    Idk man

    I hope Chuck Norris rushes the ring and roundhouses both of them.
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  8. Referring to Black people as "Monkeys"- Not a racist statement according to @Barkerc88

    Just Americans being overly sensitive to how people normaly talk.
  9. Well everyone was talking about him 'making it rain with money' after he did that and I noticed it was a bunch of ones. Maybe threw a 100-200 hundred dollars there - thought he'd at least be throwing bigger money since he was talking about being a $100 million dollar and trying to make a point.
    Never implied he was broke - think you're reading too much into it. No need to get defensive - I didn't badmouth Mayweather.
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    I'm not defending him, just wondering why you thought making it rain was funny, regardless of the amount. Still don't see how thats funny. The point was to get the crowd hyped not show how rich everyone already knows he is. I'm sure they talked about doing this with everyone before hand. Never said you bad mouthed him. I think you're getting a bit defensive, over a few questions. :laughing:

    I mean are we not suppose to read into, that's what the topic is here for? I'll read into it more. You really think they'd let him throw 100 dollar bills out with all those people around, it'd be mayhem. You wouldn't try grabbing for a Hundo floating in the air?

    +100 defense points added.
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  11. He always talks how rich he is, and threw pennies when he was on stage - I thought that was funny, you don't need to agree. You started talking about "yeah but but he's really rich, the fights gonna be rigged etc" - I really don't give a shit, just found him throwing ones funny. If you really got a problem with that, then you got problems :laughing:
    Sure bro, keep deflecting back :laughing: you win I'll give you the last word!
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  12. I think you guys should settle this in the ring.
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  13. Well there you go! That's funny. He does talk about how rich he is and always throws pennies. But he still is filthy rich. I don't got a problem with nothing . Seems you got all pissy for no reason. You obviously give a shit, you posted in here. You noticed he was throwing ones. You know what people are saying about him. You don't give a shit aye? I'll take the last word, since you don't have anything to say about the fight other than, "mayweather throwing ones not hundreds HAHA., but I dontz cares about it"
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  14. He'll say I'm being to defensive and throw in the towel.
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  15. .....and I'm the one "getting all pissy", yeah?:laughing:
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  16. It's 8:20, I'm 2 dabs in and about to light this joint. I can't be pissy !
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  17. I wasn't trying to hurt your little feelings man, hopefully you aren't upset. Why would you care about a fight if you thought it was rigged lol? When did McGregor call Mayweather a monkey?? He called his two WHITE body guards juice monkeys, because they look like they're on steroids. Your words mean nothing to me, I'm just curios why people get offended over words? Are you that insecure? That sensitive? That weak minded? Everything will be okay, I promise. Have a good day.
  18. I have to say Floyd is going to win. I'm a former mma fighter and big follower still and I think Connor is one of the best IN THE OCTAGON, but I just don't think he has the skills to beat Floyd. With the ten ounce gloves helping Floyd cover up and taking their toll on Connor's arms trying to hit an amazingly fast 40 year old lol. Jmo Pat
  19. Agreed. A fighter here as well. Floyd will win this boxing match for sure. But for anyone to say above , (which it was) that McGregor wouldn't stand a chance if this was a real fight, is delusional lol.

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