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  1. Finally fresh outdoor buds
    ...i truely love this girl....
    Produced great buds under the worst weather-conditions
    you can imagine..!
    This post is an ode to her......

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  2. That's not one plant is it?
  4. that is the PURTIEST garden ive ever seen in my life. all your buds look nice too
  5. If I did not live in the states,or if it was possible here.It would be my Honor to have a garden competition with you....Thats absolutly beautiful.........I tip my hat to you and your garden my friend........I'm going to go and pout

    Anybody else get a rush from looking at that place?

  6. rush?...aaw i got a rush of green envy. ;) totally loved,loved,loved the garden. must be FREAKIN NICE
    just kidding, i know it is.........
  7. Talk about Mull trees, mate that is amazing. You have me worried about my outdoor fella's. I can't risk them getting that big!

    Have you ever tied a plant down? Make it run along the ground and grow up again? I'm thinking of trying this if my plants start peeping over the neighbours fence.

    Loved your gallery, very nice.
  8. hell mate! thats a cool fuckin tree. I'm gonna have to move somewhere tropical cos its snowing here at the moment and my plants under lights look shit compared to that monster. Full jealousy and a party invitation to you.

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