flowers and balls?????

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  1. hi...
    could anyone tell me if this a normale female buds or is my baby an hermaphrodite?????
    thank you all .....

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  2. Sorry to say it looks to me like a hermaphrodite.Are there many of these balls, or just a few?
  3. Hi Jimbo'
    well I could i say the top of the plant is pretty much clean
    but the bottom brunches are getting very crouded... I've heard that is possible to rip them or cut them to make sure that no damage to the rest of the bud/
  4. keep growing man looks good to me
  5. i heard if you have a hermie its pretty safe to just tear the male pollen sacs off of the plant so that you still have some pretty seedless bud.
  6. thanks to you all ........
    but do you think is this a herma or what????????????
  7. Cant tell by the pic, but if this plant also has white hairs (pistils) it is a hermie for sure, this is what mine is, it was caused by light leaks and inconsistent light cycles, but if it does not have any pistils and it apears that it doesnt have any female preflowers, (looks like a pear in between the stipule and the petiole) than its probably just a male!. Look for these pistils (it looks like in the pic that those might be pistils up at the very top, I cant tell, the pic is too red.) and if there there, its a herm.

    it looks predominately male though as there are an awful lot there in clusters, mine has pairs one female right next to one male flower.
    ill say it again, look for the pistils! :)~

    Take care.
  8. Thank you all....
    I've got some 5 or 6 reply and you look to me pretty sure that she is a he ... so tonight it will have to go ..... I've took a clone of the plant just before changing to12/12 yo think that it wiil turn in to another hermaphrodite or still have a possibility to turn in to female....
    THANK you again...

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  9. The clones will probably be Ok, one main reason for hermies is an interruption in the dark cycle, light leaking in, power failures, changing timing etc.
    Just make sure that next time when you turn the lights back to force flowering you ensure that NO light gets in during the dark cycle.
    However from the pic, it may well be just a plain old male, which ever, get rid now.
    good luck
  10. Ave Mcurry,

    So herm. plants do not pass on this herm gene to its seeds and thus to clones?

    just have to ask.

    Take care.
  11. Are the seeds from hermies generally hermies or are the odds the same of getting male or female.
  12. Ave.

    From what I have read, seeds from a hermaphrodite plant are generally hermies themselves, what I am confused about is the clones, as mcurry says that clones will be fine, but this confuses me. I am pretty sure about the seeds having a tendency to herm themselves, I could be wrong.

  13. i also read an article on overgrow that also confirms that a hermie procuces a hermi seed:)

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