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  1. Hey guys, need some experienced folks to comment here if possible. I have a plant that I have been experimenting with, just some bag seed. It has been growing in my greenhouse for about 3 months. It is getting pretty big, and I started taking it inside, put in total darkness for 12 hours a day. Of course trying to force flowering. How long should this be done before I start to see buds? Not sure of the strain, just averages are what I am looking for. And also when should I be able to tell gender? Thanks!
  2. three months in and you cant tell the gender somthing is wrong

  3. Sex can be identified in usually 48 hours to 3 weeks (how's that for covering all my bases). Buds all depends on what your idea of seeing the buds is. If you see sex in 48 hours than maybe by week 2 or 3 there will be definitive buds. Long flowering Sativas put a lot of their weight on during the last few weeks of flowering and they might be quite sparse at week 6 but really fill out by week 8 it all just depends on the strain which of course, you do not know.
  4. if your plant is outside... it should naturally start flowering, you should not have to bring it in 12 hours a day because the sun will naturally do the light cycles for you... its only may so the days should be nice and long and your plant should still be growin... id say just wait man let it play out by itself, trust me in the long run ull get a huge amount of nugs:smoking:

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