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  1. is there something you have to do to get your plants to start flowering
  2. Put your lighting cycle into 12/12 (12 hours on 12hours dark.)
  3. how old do the plants have to be before i can do that
  4. From what I've read, it's purely up to you when you go into flowering.. If you want a bigger plant, flower later on in the plants life, when it's gotten fairly big from veg. If you want a smaller plant, flower earlier on in the plants life.
  5. most growers wait till the plant is 4-5 weeks old,or 3-4 feet tall.
  6. Best to wait until a week or so after you start to see alternating nodes. Before that you could force flowering prematurely but probably will see lower yield.

    Waiting a bit makes all the difference, patience has its virtue...
  7. ^ on that note if a plant hasn't shown alternating nodes by the feet & weeks I suggested ,then there a major problem.:cool:

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