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  1. How long does it take before one would start seeing buds appear the plants if they are grown in natuarl light indoors?
  2. unless your plants are getting 12 hours of darkness every day you may never see any
  3. how old are your plants
  4. There are three of them. Two are the same age---a little over two months and two and a half feet tall. The other is almost two months old and two feet tall. We see no signs of "balls" or buds. They get a cycle of regular daylight because they are grown like houseplants inside.
  5. i was given a couple of plants and id like to mnake sure i am raising them right..one is about 3 ft high the other is about 12 yo 16 inches high they seem to be doing well but i am not sure what they need could you e mail me back or something so i can get them growing
  6. Where are you planning to grow them?
  7. hay ceach&chong nice name pic i have every searise of chech &chong holler back if you now about any of them or just holler back to say hello peace

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